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The Namibian Yarn Of Friendship


Every new carpet equals an all exciting journey of discovery, as everything we need for the occasion is of vital importance - material, design, colours and inspiration. And when, out of a bewildering multitude of threads, yarns and strings previously invisible thoughts and feelings materialise, we are at the heart of a creative excitement which touches everybody and is understood by all.




Fascinating weaving! Nearly no other craft is as old or as international as weaving. Experience our exclusively manual weaving mill (from processing the virgin wool to spinning, washing and weaving) live on six days a week, working with genuine, natural Namibian Karakul sheep wool.




Our strikingly simple and mostly ethnic designs, together with our acclaimed quality control will provide our carpets, rugs, runners, wall hangers and place mats with universal accessibility, and smooth integration into very differing settings, such as homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, boardrooms as well as reception halls, just to name a few . . .




We will also gladly weave rugs, carpets and wall hangers according to your request (to a max. size of 14m x 4m), and arrange for international delivery for your convenience. Experience our true Namibian designs and fascinatingly genuine handcraft at leisure - let us inspire, spin and weave you . . .